Host Information

Why Host a "Suns Out, Guns Out" Fitness Camp?

Kids having Fun!

How would you like to increase traffic in your gym this summer, launch or expand a kids fitness program, and show your support for the fight against childhood obesity?

How about earning some extra cash for equipment, paying an insurance bill, or put towards any of the many expenses of gym ownership?

Suns Out Guns Out is designed to help gym owners!

We understand the difficulties gyms can face in getting new people comfortable coming into their gym.

We also understand that coaches and gym owners are stretched to their limit leaving very little time to implement fun and new programs.

We want to partner with you to host an easy, done for you, kids fitness camp! Kids will love the opportunity to train, parents will love that their kids are spending their summer days being active, and you will love how easy it is to host all of this at your awesome gym while making some cash.

We will provide:
  • the host gym with 60% of the total registration

    The first five gyms to apply for 2017 camp will receive an additional 5%!!!
  • each day’s theme and proven step by step plan of team games, skills to learn, and kid specific workouts including age appropriate lifting and met cons
  • super cool tanks for the athletes
  • team headbands
  • team flags
  • any disposable supplies (paint war supplies, water balloons, etc.)
  • lots of online marketing for the event
  • handling all athlete registrations, questions, and such
  • we can even provide the coaches for a fee
We need from you:
  • a completed Host Application
  • in house and local marketing of the event
  • 2-3 qualified, caring, and patient coaches for every 20 athletes
  • clean venue with adequate space
  • free water available to the athletes